How does Water know about herself?

Concept, research and video:

Leticia Cordero Mote.


Rewind art # 18, Jakarta State University, Jakarta, Indonesia.2019
Screening of the selected videos in the 1st Call for Video Art, MARCO Buenos Aires, Argentina 2019.

Performance originally presented at:

Autorreconstrucción: Detritus/ A project of Abraham Cruzvillegas MUCA UNAM CdMx. From May 12 to August 11, 2018.

How does water know about herself? is a project that proposes to access the world from a non-colonial perspective and makes an effort to link us from a non-western knowledge.

Marcela Vásquez, Jeen (Genel Mendoza), Andrea Cabrera, Mónica López and Leticia Cordero Mote.

Theory exchanges with: Gibrán Valencia
Sound advisor: Rubén Acevedo.