Leticia Cordero Mote studied visual arts and a diploma in choreography dance and performance, as well as theater production and somatic practices. She finished a master in Expanded Theater in the University of Arts in Bern with the support of the Excellence Scholarships of the Swiss Government.

Her research embraces the body as a place to reflect epistemic notions of feminized entities and the ideal of nature. She works through sound and objects and produces fictional worlds in the pursue of make them bloom in the material world -flowery word-.

She was a resident in CIMA| Mountain and Art Research in Catamarca Argentina with the support of the FONCA (Cultural Fond for Culture and Arts) of Mexico. There, she developed the second part of her research dealing with water named Which story does the water prefer to be told?
 She has been also resident in MARCO ARTE FOCO in Argentina and No Lugar in Ecuador, among others.